Thursday, June 30, 2011


From 4/7 - 3/8 i won't be able to send any records or answer mails very often. I will be busy sipping Chang, reading books and chilling out in Thailand.

If you wanna get the Slaktrens 12", check out the other labels involved in the release, or maybe one of these distros where you can also get it:

Punkdistro (Germany)
Phobia (Czech Rep.)
RSR (Germany)
Rödel (Germany)
Halvfabrikat (Sweden)
Havoc (USA)
Six Weeks (USA)
TVG (Germany)
Instigate (Sweden)
Blindead (Sweden)
Civilisation (Germany)


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Köpa skivor på Punk Illegal?

I helgen är det dags för Punk Illegal igen. Orkar inte släpa dit hela distrosortimentet men är det nån som vill passa på att shoppa lite skivor och slippa pröjsa Postens överpriser är det bara att hojta till så tar jag med skivorna så styr vi upp det där.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Out now: Burnt Cross new 7"

RAWBY008: Burnt Cross - Break the law, not the poor 7"
4 tracks of great UK anarchopunk. A 10 label co-release from
Tadpole records (UK), Opiate records (UK), Active Rebellion (UK), Loud Punk (USA), Schizo Distro (Sweden), Rawby Records (Sweden), Lukket Avdeling (Norway), Rusty Knife (France), Hohnie Records (Germany), Arripurri Records (Finland)

30:- + postage. Get in touch for possible trades or wholesale

Thursday, June 2, 2011

New distro stuff again

Here's what's new this time:

LP/12" (80:-)
Victims - Divide and conquer
Fredag den 13:e - Under iskalla fanor
Sista Sekunden - Åldras med stil
Poliisivaltio - Fuck your discos
Rot - A long cold stare
Skräck / FDS split
Phobia - Grind your fucking head in
Blood - Impulse to destroy
FDS - Planeta Terra SA
Burial - Never give up...never give in
Hellbastard - The need to kill
In Nomine Christi - Quo vadis?
Wojczech - Sedimente

7" (30:-)
Dispense - Nothing but the truth
M.O.M - War
We live in trenches - s/t