Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Slaktad radio

Some Slaktrens songs has been played on these cool podcasts/radio stations. Check them out!

Ciutat Podrida from the land of the almighty Calimucho:

Razorcake, American punk zine and radio:

Ungovernable Resistance is a live DIY radio show/DIY Blog that caters specifically for nasty music & DIY culture.‘Ungovernable Resistance’ offers the best of D-Beat, Crust, Stench, Anarcho Punk, Hardcore Punk, Hardcore, Power Violence, Crossover, Grindcore (non corp), Crust Grind, Political Grind, Stench, Sludgecore, Anarchist Hip Hop, & Political Hip Hop. 

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New stuff

Adding some new stuff to the list while enjoying a couple of beers and listening to Bad Religion bootlegs.

Tinner - In league with satan CD
Haveri - Into the crypts of... CD
Nuclear Death Terror - Discography 2005-2008 CD
Archagathus / Mesrine split 7"
Fuck The Facts / Subcut split 7"
Rövsvett - Kängor & shorts 7"
Rövsvett - The dwarf 7"
Nightstick Justice - Mindless violence 7"
Chainsaw - Monopolized 7"
Ruidos Inmundicia - Demo 7"
Vile Nation - s/t 7"
Insult / Execucão split 7"
Citizens Patrol - Dead children 7"
Citizens Patrol - Sick routine 7"
Citizens Patrol - Demo 7"
Seein Red - s/t 7"


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New arrivals

Finally the list is updated, here's what's new:

Pisschrist - Victims of faith LP
Makabert Fynd - Det var bättre förr LP
Cop de fona - Instint de venjanca 7"
Tinner / Slapendehonden 7"
Proletar / Diorrhea 7"
Whole in the head - Reclaim your future 7"
Burnt Cross - Too many graves 7"
Active Minds - Recipe for disaster 7"
Active Minds - The national lotta e 7"
Active Minds - Behind the mask 7"
Active Minds - I'm not a tourist...7"
Active Minds - Dis is getting pathetic 7"
Active Minds - The lunatics have taken over... flexi 7"
Suckinim Baenaim / Batalj 7"
Antabus - Hellraiser 7"
Accione Mutante - All your base belongs to us 7"
Agathocles / Malignant Tumour 7"
Project Hopeless / Offensive 7"
Reorganize 7"
Homy Hogs / Fylgja 7"
Comatose 7"
FKÜ - Maniac cop 7"
Holocaust in your head / Violent Headache 7"
Crani Septic / Chancleta 7"

Monday, August 30, 2010


The old site sucked so i moved here. Got some new records but i have'nt had time to update the list yet, but i will soon. I also decided to lower the prices for cd's. I don't think it makes sense to have the same price for cd's as for lp's since cd's are alot cheaper to make..