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Om man bor i Sverige bjuder jag även på frakten om man handlar för 500:- eller mer.



Abaddon – The final fucking straw
Accione Mutante – All your base are belong to us
Active minds – Behind the mask
Active minds – Dis is getting pathetic
Active minds – Recipe for disaster
Active minds – The lunatics have taken over the asylum (flexi)
Active minds – The national lotta e
Against Empire / Auktion
Agathocles / Haemophagus
Agathocles / Malignant tumour
Antabus – Hellraiser
Avverkad – s/t

Black September / Thou

Chainsaw – Monopolized
Choose your poison – Party zone
Choose your poison – Thrashed to ribbons
Citizens Patrol / Reproach
Comatose – s/t
Cop de fona – Instint de venjanca
Crow / See You In Hell
Down to agony – Requiem por un mundo enfermo
FKÜ – Mosh under pressure
Flatout – Westbay fastercore
Flux capacitor – Reduced to absurdity
Freaknation / The Mad Thrashers
Fromtheashes – Heading for dystopia
Fromtheashes / A den of robbers
Godstomper / Hewhocorrupts
Gride / Thema Eleven
Guns n' Rosa Parks – Antifreeze
Head hits concrete / Bodies lay broken
Heavy Nukes – s/t
Holocaust in your head / Violent headache
Human Power – Human power?
Kranium – Rakt in i döden
Krimtänk / Five Finger Discount
Krimtänk / Sub alert
Krüger / Knark
Kuolema – Noise from the sick city
Kärnvapenattack / Disundead
M:40 – Industrilandskap

Morbid organs mutilation – War
Poison Planet – Boycott everything
Project hopeless – Utsatt
Project hopeless / Offensive
Proletar / Diorrhea
Protestant – s/t
Pyramido / Usurpress
Raiser / Forced march
Reign of bombs / Arcatera
Sangre de los puercos – They lie we die

Senata Fox / Brivido
Slaktrens – Västerås-mangel
Slapendehonden / Terrorazor
Social chaos – The end
Sthlms Blodbad – MDXX
Sthlms Blodbad / Vultures
Sub Alert – What makes you go on?
Subcut / Fuck the facts
Suckinim Baenaim feat. Batalj
The Gatheration – s/t
Tinner / Slapendehonden
Tomorrow's hell / March of the hordes
Uncurbed / My cold embrace
Vile Nation – s/t
We live in trenches – s/t
Whöle in the head – Reclaim your future


Affray / Token Tantrum split
After The Last Sky – And this is progress?

Aggrenation / Nulla Osta split
Asile – Kichesippi toxique

Burial – Never give up...never give in
Cluster Bomb Unit – Die stationen von...
Contorture – Who's in charge
Department of Correction / Strong Intention split (ltd. #66/68
Detonize – Rat dogs of war
Enemy Soil – Fractured theology

Future Ruins – s/t
Grind Nation / California Cult Crap split 10”
Guns Liqor and Whores – Serpico 10”

Hellbastard – The need to kill
In Nomine Christi – Quo vadis?

Last Legion Alive / Hellstorm split
Magnicide / Toxic Revolution split
Mastic Scum – Mind
Nyctophobic – Insects
Oi Polloi - Ar Cànan, Ar Ceòl, Ar-a-mach

Personkrets 3:1 – The glorious dead

Poliisivaltio – Fuck your discos
Raw Power – Still screaming...
Resistant Culture – All one struggle
Rot – A long cold stare
Security Threat – The truth is out
Skarp – Bury your dead
Skräck / FDS split
Slaktrens – Strålande tider
Slang – The immortal sin
Utanförskapet – Vildhjärta
V/A 4-way split Lycanthrophy/Fromtheashes/After the last sky/Joe Pesci
V/A Dimmorna skingras vol. 1
V/A Dimmorna skingras vol. 2
Victims – Neverendinglasting
Warcollapse – Crap scrap and unforgivable slaughter vol. 2
Wojczech – Sedimente


After The Last Sky / Inert split
Agathocles / Depression split
Agathocles / World Downfall split
Bathtub Shitter - Dance Hall Grind
Bestial Devastation / Demisor – Total fucking gore
Bloodbastard – Next to dissect
Bolesno Grinje – Od nesvijesti do grinda
Bolesno Grinje – Pobjeda je nasa
Bowel Fetus – Death womb discharge
Catheter / FUBAR split
Certified Insane – Raw, crude 'n relentless
Cliteater / Suppository split
Collision – Roadkiller
Din-Addict / Obliterate split
Diorrhea – B-XVI
Disforia – Evoluzione MCD
Engorged / Fuck...I'm Dead split
Fromtheashes – Heading for dystopia MCD
Green Beret – Out of control
Grimness / Holocausto Canibal split
Haveri - Into the crypts of...
Jesus Cröst – Tot
Krupskaya – Clouds over Pripyat
Looking For An Answer – s/t
Looking For An Answer / Kontraataque split
Madame Germen – Discografia
Man At Arms – The last years run
Motörbreath / Von Bööm split

Notoken – Token no mas
Nuclear Death Terror - Discography 2005-2008
P.L.F. - Crushing fury of bastardization
Phobia / Skrupel split MCD
Pisschrist - Nothing has changed
Poisoned Skrotum / N.N. Split
Punished Earth – Corporate dictatory
Punished Earth – Ruined Empire MCD
Punished Earth – Frankenstein
S.A.T.A.N – Unfinished chapter of Satans...
Sanitys Dawn / Mechanical Separation – split
Sewn Shut – Rediscovering the dead
Sub Alert – Take Part
Suffering Mind - At war with mankind

Teratogeny – Mundo Famelico
Tinner - In league with satan
Ton – Plague
Total Fucking Destruction – Zen and the art of...
V/A Benefit to mincecore act, Food not bombs
V/A Singapore Punk Holocaust
War All The Time – Discography
Warsore - Sweet revenge

Wojczech – Chronologic Discography 95-2002
Zorka – s/t MCD